Digital Foil Printing | Presentation Folder, Inc.

What makes it affordable?

In short, there are no extra fees for dies, setup time, and anything else that comes with traditional hot-stamp foil presses. We use the finest digital technology available in order to make printing luxury coatings like this cost-efficient.

Because it is printed on a digital press, there is no need to clean off plates in between runs, making short, customized runs cost affordable and encouraged. In addition, the digital technology allows for variable data at no extra cost, which makes customizing your presentation folders even easier and equally as efficient.

What is it?

Presentation folders printed with raised digital foil continue print's tradition of tactile marketing with a focus on elegance, efficiency, and aesthetic.

Digital foil is a layer placed over raised digital spot uv during the offline (post-print) process. It gives the effect of traditional foil with embossing, but without the impression showing through the backside of the sheet - this allows logos and other cornerstone design elements to lift off the page, giving them a literal raised effect.