General Infomation | Presentation Folder, Inc.

Print-Ready File Setup

We accept files from the following programs:

Illustrator, .ai file with embedded images and outlined fonts. We will accept .eps but these will raster transparency and blends.

InDesign, .indd files must include linked images and fonts used.

Photoshop, .psd file, if using fonts it is best to export as a PDF file this will retain the vector format of the text producing clear and sharp text.

QuarkXpress, .qxp files must include linked images and fonts used.

PDF file is the #1 preferred format from any application. Be sure to export PDFs at High Resolution and include .125” bleed outside the die-line or trim area.

We have made available a PDF Distiller that you can select when exporting PDFs. This distiller will create a print ready PDF from adobe applications according to PFI’s print standards

Download here: Presentation Folder.joboptions, double click the file after it has downloaded to install.

It is best not to supply .gif .png .jpg or .bmp files these tend to be low quality images used for websites.

Images, Text, Colors, & Resolution

Color and Gray scale Images should be supplied at 300 DPI at 100%. If the images are scaled up this will lower the resolution proportionally reducing the quality of the image. Low-resolution images may be flagged during initial preflight, possibly delaying your project.

Line art or Logo files are best supplied as vector format, if supplying raster image files these are best when supplied at 1200 DPI at 100%. It is best to build your artwork in CMYK if you are planning on your job printing in CMYK.

Avoid using Pantone solid colors and converting them to process, this will yield unreliable results. If you would like color swatches you can import them in from the Pantone process coated library and these will be CMYK already. Spot color jobs should be set up with their intended spot color names.

When using large solid areas of black we suggest you use a 4 color black mix (50C, 40M, 40Y, 100K) this will ensure project is printed as dark as possible. 

Proofs - PDF / SpinJet / Epson

PDF Proofs are the most common option for a proof - and they are free!

SpinJet Proofs - Recommended for 1, 2 or 3 Colors, or Foil or Embossing.

SpinJet proofs Cost: $25 per side.

A SpinJet proof is a low-cost proof that is NOT Color Accurate. They are intended to give only a general idea of the colors. You should reference a Pantone® Formula Guide or a foil chart to verify proper colors. SpinJets are an accurate proof for margins, trimming and construction of your job.

Epson Proofs - Recommended for 4-Color Process.

Epson proofs Cost: $60 per side.

Epson proofs are extremely color accurate for 4-color process jobs when they print on white coated stock. They are not 100% accurate for all Pantone® colors or Duotones. Please verify any Pantone® colors with a Pantone® Formula Guide. If you are printing on UNCOATED or COLORED papers, the colors of ink will appear less bright and somewhat darker than the proof.