The PFI Difference | Presentation Folder, Inc.


Manufacturing and Distribution CenterWe are print industry leaders. We believe that there are three notable aspects of our identity that give us credentials to serve your print needs better than anyone else:


Presentation Folder, Inc. has gained the industry's respect as a manufacturing leader in the area of presentation paper products. Over thirty years (and three generations) of national manufacturing experience and hard earned knowledge allow us to offer you an impressive array of presentation paper capabilities and graphic enhancements. In addition, we are experts at providing high-quality customized solutions to the trade. Family-owned with now three generations involved in operations, executing great print is in our blood.


Innovative Technology

We implement the industry's most state-of-the-art technology and high-speed machinery possible. Equipped with a Scodix Press, we are capable of many digital-print modalities, including Raised UV and Raised Foil premium spot coatings. These premium finishes are much thicker than traditional spot gloss coating and do not compromise the paper in the way that embossing does. Digital printing also makes short-run printing affordable and fast due to the lack of dye costs or set up time. Not only does printing technology keep us ahead of competitors in terms of aesthetic and affordability, it will also give you a competitive edge to offer to clients. Digital printing offers a unique value proposition that goes beyond what excellent customer service can offer.


Optimal Customization and Personalization

The combination of our vast industry knowledge, our commitment to innovative technology, and our medium size allows us to fully customize and personalize any print project your client might have. We understand the power of creativity that comes with tactile marketing, which is why we make a commitment to custom presentation folders, business cards, and other printed products a point in our mission statement. Ranging from multi-panel folders to unique shaped and sized business card slits, we have an array of custom projects to show and be proud of. And we cannot wait to continue adding to the collection.


Sell your presentation paper products with confidence, knowing you are teamed with a company you can trust. Let us quote your next presentation paper product order today. We look forward to doing business with you.