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LeafWe've been quietly doing our part for years at Presentation Folder, Inc.

There has been a lot of talk recently about global warming, and concern for the environment has never been more evident.

Everywhere you look, you see signs that people are concerned about having clean air and pure water for ourselves and future generations.

For years, Presentation Folder, Inc...

...has been quietly doing our part. We think now is a good time to share some details about our eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

 Did you know? We Recycle...

    Leaf Bulletpoint Paper. Every month 70,000 pounds of waste paper is recycled instead of going into landfills.

    Leaf Bulletpoint Printing Plates. The plates that we print with are an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. All of these are recycled. Also we use a direct to plate process which means no film. This eliminates the waste film and silver content contained in the film and the processing of film.

 We Offer a Full Line of Recycled Papers

    Leaf Bulletpoint Recycled papers are available in all types of finishes including matte, gloss and uncoated. Many of our standard "house stocks" are recycled.

    Leaf Bulletpoint We sell eco-friendly certified papers. 

    Leaf Bulletpoint Our inks are among the most environmentally friendly available in the marketplace today. All of the ingredients used in these inks come from natural pigments and vegetable oils. They contain a combination of soy and linseed oils. The VOC levels of these inks are close to 0%. 

    Leaf Bulletpoint All ink containers and unused ink go into an environmental disposal program to prevent any contamination of our water supply. 

    Leaf Bulletpoint We Use Soy-Based Inks

Have you ever heard of a VOC?

Simply put, Volatile Organic Compounds are solvents used in inks, coatings, adhesives and other consumer products. These solvents give off emissions, which, when combined with heat and sunlight, react with oxides of nitrogen to form ground-level ozone. Vehicles are the largest source of VOC emissions nationwide, and other significant sources include petroleum production and industrial combustion. Even natural sources such as trees and other vegetation give off VOC emissions. Forest

Standards have been put in place by the Federal, State and local governments, which require us to measure the amount of VOC’s released by our solvents and inks. Southern California has adopted some of the strictest regulations in the entire United States.

Further, permits must be authorized and purchased in order to ensure compliance with these standards.

Since 1987, each of our presses has been permitted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). These permits are renewed annually. These permits restrict the amount of VOC’s we are allowed to release per year. Presentation Folder, Inc. consistently maintains our annual VOC’s released at 22.8% of our annual allotted level.

We are proud of our long-standing efforts toward creating a cleaner, healthier environment. We continue to look for ways in which we can improve our process while maintaining production of the high quality products our clients have come to expect.

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